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Recycled Fun

We've created this group as a means of trading out previously-enjoyed media for some other previously enjoyed things. The short of it is, if you're like me, you play through a game, watch a movie, then want to go on and watch or play another one but really do not want to get 18 cents on the dollar to sell your stuff to some game or movie buying place that will then turn around and sell it at a 500% profit.

Also you may feel that doing business on the internet is a financially risky proposition, add the mailing fees, giving out your address, and hoping that the item is in the condition that the seller stated it was, and you've got... eh, it's not all that perfect.

The aim of Recycled Fun / The Nashville Media Swap / Funborrow is to provide a forum where person A can say "hey, I have this and I'm looking for that" and person B can say "hey, I have that and would be willing to trade you". It's not a group where you can come in and expect to get Hot Item X for a gently used Pokemon card and a stick of bubble gum, unless we have someone really out of their gourd on here.

You will make the deals on your own, we'll pick some public location (probably a bar) about once a month (or week if this takes off) to meet. You will then swing in, make your trade, and can be done or enjoy a drink with some quality gamers and movie watchers. Perhaps buying Mildlydisturbed a beer, but whatever...

To prevent this from becoming a travesty, the rules here are simple - do not trade illegally copied stuff in this forum, do not flame, annoy, or otherwise be a troll, if you broke up with person X and they have your copy of Halo 3, post about it on your own blog. If the movie or game you are trading is not legally released in the United States, do not discuss or trade it in this forum. No burned roms, hacks, etc. Do not trade sexual services, drugs, livestock for movies or games.

So, welcome to the forum. There will be posts later for times we will meet. In the meantime, prepare a list of items you are willing to trade. Also, if this is already being done, let me know.
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